How to get to Kluang.

From Kuala Lumpur. From Singapore.
1) By Road: Take the North-South highway out of Kuala Lumpur. Head South to the Air Hitam Exit 244, then turn right after the Toll Booth to Kluang.. Journey time, around 3 hours. The North-South Highway is a very good road, plenty of Services for refreshment along the way. Observe the speed limit, 110 kph most places with some areas at 90 kph, as police radar checks are commonplace. 1) By Road: Make your way across the causeway into Johor Bahru. Follow the road signs for the Motorway signposted Kuala Lumpur. (North-South Highway). Avoid rush hours at the Causeway, i.e 0700-0900 Hrs. & 1630-2000 Hrs. Traffic in and around Johor Bahru can be heavy at times so anticipate delays. Take the Air Hitam Exit 244, then turn right after the Toll Booth to Kluang. Journey time around 2 hours depending on traffic at Causeway and in J.B.
2) By Rail. There is a rail service from Kuala Lumpur to Kluang. Some trains are faster than others, not all the Southbound trains stop in Kluang.  Go to the Malaysian Railway Corp. (KTM) web site for routes and timetable information: 2) By Rail There is a rail service from Singapore or Johor Bahru to Kluang. Some trains are faster than others, not all the Northbound trains stop in Kluang. Go to the Malaysian Railway Corp. (KTM) web site for routes and timetable information:
3) By Express Bus 3) By Express Bus
4) By Taxi. The Airport Limo Service will take you directly to Kluang. Fare (as of Dec. 2004) Budget - Single: RM 294.20, Return: RM 501.40. Premier - Single: RM 368.20, Return: RM 591.40. 4) By Taxi. There is a taxi stand in Queen Street, Singapore where you can get a Taxi to bring you into Malaysia. If you board a Malaysian Taxi, they may be able to bring you to Kluang. Singapore cabs can only drop off at the Bus station / Taxi Rank in J.B.

Travel & Transportation information

If you intend to make your way to Kluang from Singapore with a Rental car. You may wish to consider making your way to Johor Bharu and renting one there. You could save some money this way. However if you want to drop the car off in Singapore, you will probably have to hire it there in the first place.
According to your needs you will want to hire a car for a number of days. The rate per week is usually lower that that charged for 7 days individually.
Ask around before settling on any one company. Rental rates vary greatly from company to company.
Verify that the company accepts an international driving license if you do not possess a local driving license.
Inspect any vehicle for prior damage before hiring it to avoid being made responsible for damages inflicted by previous hirer.
Confirm whether the car is insured under the terms of the rental

Car Rental Tips
As car rental rates change quickly, check out the latest rates! Get the best rates from the internet, some useful URLs below. Plenty more on the internet.
Take note of the "24 hour clock rate" some companies use when charging you. It means when you rent a car one day and return it the next day, you may be charged for two days if you do not return within 24 hours.
Reserve in advance. This gives you plenty of time to get the best bargain. 
Apart from having a valid driving license, some agencies may require renters to be older than 23 years old (which shouldn't be a problem for our group)!
Child seats may be available.
Please also note that some, but not all, companies have an upper age limit for rentals. e.g. Hertz - 60, Pacific 65. If you 60 or above, please check first to make sure when you make reservations.

1) Take a look at You can sometimes pick up cheap tickets here. MAS often have good prices as well. Shop around for good deals.

2) For local and regional air travel, take a look at the Air Asia web site Air Asia is a low cost Air Line and covers a number of local destinations in East and West Malaysia and regional destinations in Macau (for Hong Kong) Thailand and Indonesia. Bookings are made on line using a ticketless system. Like other low cost airlines, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. Very good value for money - personally recommended.

3) John Heyes of the 656 Squadron Association recommends a good travel agency for UK to Singapore or K.L. Flights. Call Mr. Lee at Rexair  on 02074391898 and mention John's name.

Travel in K.L. is cheap and convenient. There is a reasonable bus service  and taxis are cheap and plentiful (except when it is raining and rush hours). There is also a good Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Monorail service. The Monorail serves the City area and the LRT goes out to the suburbs. Both Monorail and LRT link at K.L. Sentral station to the main rail services  including the KLIA Express which runs to the International Airport (KLIA). Click here for a KL Transit route guide.

Health advice for travelers can be found at the following website:

Malaysia Singapore

Car hire:
Hertz Rent A Car
Orix Car Rentals

Pacific Rent-A-Car

Hawk Rent a Car

Car hire:
Avis Rent A Car

Hertz Car Rental
Smart Car Rental

Orix Car Rentals
SH Tours Pte Ltd

 Hawk Rent A Car (click image)

Hotel information
Prime City Hotel - Kluang Maps

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